March 22 > If the military [ management ] leadership is wise, the country is safe.

March 23/24 > There are only five notes in the musical scale, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be heard. There are only five basic colors, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be seen. There are only five basic flavors, but their variations are so many that they cannot all be tasted. There are only two kinds of charge in battle, the unorthodox surprise attack and the unorthodox direct attack, but variations of the unorthodox and the orthodox are endless.

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March 25 > When people deserve reward, this should be duly noted, even if you personally detest them. When people deserve punishment, this should not be forgone, even if they are close to you. March 26 > So it is that good warriors [ management ] take their stand on ground where they cannot lose, and do not overlook conditions that make an opponent prone to defeat.

March 27 > Energy is what battle depends on. March 28 > Therefore, those skilled in military operations achieve cooperation in a group so that directing the group is like directing a single individual with no other choice. March 29 > Those skilled in military operations are able to change their formations in such a way as to ensure victory based on the actions of opponents.

March 30/31 > No, this means that you have to know competitors' plans before you can fight them.

If you don't know their strategy, you should certainly not do battle with them.

April 1 > First establish your plans, then prepare your equipment. This is why the chapter on battle follows the chapter on strategic assessment.

April 2 > To fight with people face to face over advantages is the hardest thing in the world.

April 3 > Therefore, one who is good at martial arts overcomes other's forces without battle, conquers others' cities without siege...without taking a long time. > April 4 > So what enables an intelligent and a wise military leadership to overcome others and achieve extraordinary accomplishment is foreknowledge. > April 5 > Victory is apparent to all, but the science of ensuring victory is a mysterious secret, generally unknown.

April 6/7 > DECEPTION is for the purpose of seeking victory over an enemy; to command a group requires truthfulness.