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Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Planing

Solarenergie in Architektur und Stadtplanung

Energia solare in architettura e pianificazione urbana

Thomas Herzog 1996
For a more human architecture in harmony with nature-HUNDERTWASSER ARCHITECTURE Taschen Verlag-Cologne 1997
Architecture Anyone ? Ada Louise Huxtable 1986
S,M,L,XL Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau 1998
Contemporary European Architects Volume IV Philip Jodidio 1996


Le Corbusier 1929


The International Style Henry-Russel Hitchcock and Philip Johnson 1966
For Art and Architecture-L.A. MAK Center Rudolf M.Schindler 1995
Robinson Hunter and Walter Reichardt Residential Architecture in Southern California 1939
Joseph Rosa Albert Frey, Architect 1990
Das Buch vom Tee Kukuzo Okakua 1979
The Book of Bamboo David Farrelly 1984
American Landscape Architecture William H. Tishler-National Trust for Historic Preservation American Society of Landsacape Architects 1989
Architecture and its Photography Julius Schulman 1998
Shaping a Nation Twentieth Century American Architecture and its Makers Carter Wiseman 1998
Mario Botta gesehen von Pino Musi DACO Verlag Guenter Blaese 1996
New Australian Style George Michell & John Gollings 1999


The Noble Quar'an

English Translation of the meanings and commentary

Dr. Muhammead Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali - Formerly Professor of Islamic Faith and Teachings

Islamic University, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah - AND - Dr. Muhammad Mushin Khan etc.

KING FAHD KOMPLEX for the printing of the Holy Qur'an - Madinah, K.S.A.

The Soul of Rumi Coleman Barks 2001

The Arab At Home

Paul W. Harrison


The Arabs and The World -  Nasser's Arab Nationalist Policy

Charles D. Cremeans


Islam and the Arab World

Edited   by Bernard Lewis



The Wild Flag





Inside Asia-1942 War Edition Completely Revised John Gunther 1942

The Forgotten Ally

Pierre Van Paassen



Washington goes to War David Brinkley 1988
Yankee From Olympus-Justice Holmes and His Family Catherine Drinker Bowen 1944
Plain Speaking-An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman Merle Miller 1974
Eisenhower - The President Nobody Knew Arthur Larson 1968

The Israelis

Amos Elon 1971
All the President's Men Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward 1974
Hubert, an unauthorized biography of the Vice President Allan H. Ryskind 1968
The Woman who laughed at God Jonathan Kirsch 2001

Our Oriental Heritage

Being a history of civilisation in Egypt and the Near East to the death of Alexander, and in India, China and Japan from the beginning of our own day; with an introduction on the nature and foundations of civilisation

Will Durant


Translations from the Chinese

Arthur Waley


Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - Informal talks on Zen Meditation and Practice

Shunryu Suzuki


Thoughts without a thinker Mark Epstein 1995

The Secret of The Golden Flower - A Chinese Book of Life

Translated and explained by Richard Wilhelm with a Foreword and Commentary by C.G. JUNG



Washington And His Generals


< 1908

Louise Mühlbach

Prince Eugene And His Times


Louise Mühlbach

Reign of the Great Elector


Man from Mt. Vernon Burke Boyce 1961

Recollections of the Private Life of Napoleon/3 Volumes



Orders From France

The Americans and the French in a Revolutionary World, 1780-1820

Roger G. Kennedy


Arundel-A Chronicle of the Province of Maine and of the Secret Expedition against Quebec Kenneth Roberts 1937
The Secret Road Bruce Lancaster 1952
The Lonely Warrior-The Life and Times of Kamehameha the Great of Hawaii Kathleen Dickenson Mellen 1949
Lydia Bailey Kenneth Roberts 1947

The Age of Napoleon - The History of European Civilisation from 1789 to 1815

Will and Ariel Durant


The Iron Mistress Paul I. Wellman 1951
Proud Destiny Lion Feuchtwanger 1947
Proud New Flags F. van Wyck Mason 1951
The Army of the Potomac: A Stillness at Appomattox Bruce Catton 1953
Grant-A Biography William S. McFeely 1982
Blue Hurricane F. van Wyck Mason 1954
In The Courts of Memory L. de Hegermann Lindencrone 1912
Clemenceau Jean Martet 1930